Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nissin PS 300 Power Pack | DigitalPixels.net - Photography Blog

By using the PS 300 together with the regular power source, the flash recycle time is reduced to a quarter of the standard time (approximately 0.7 seconds to recharge the Nissin Di866, Canon EX580EX II or the Nikon SB900). The maximum number of flashes is also significantly increased.

The unit is equipped with two power supply sockets that enables two flashes to be used together at the same time. The cables are available in either Canon or Nikon fit. The PS 300 is compatible with the Nissin Di866 model (Canon version) or Canon’s original flash with external power socket. Type N for Nissin Di866 model (Nikon version) or Nikon’s original flash with external power socket.

The PS 300 is powered by a NiMH battery – (7.2V/3,300mAh) that provides approximately 300 full flashes per charge (based on using the Di866 on full power). The unit is housed in a robust metal shell, making it safe and durable.

“Nissin has been a world-class manufacturer of high quality flash equipment for over 40 years and this latest addition to their range is a really useful piece of kit.” says Kenro managing director, Paul Kench. “It enables photographers to shoot rapidly with their flash without worrying about long recycle times, meaning they’re more likely to get their desired image, especially in demanding presentation photography situations.”

The PS 300 follows on from the release of the acclaimed Di866 Professional Speedlite, described by one reviewer as ‘the most powerful hotshoe flashgun available’.

Kenro is the official UK distributor for the range of Nissin flash guns. See http://www.kenro.co.uk for details of your nearest stockist, or call Kenro on 01793 615836 for more detail.

Nissin PS 300 Power Pack | DigitalPixels.net - Photography Blog

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