Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nissin Di866 Professional Speedlite | DigitalPixels.net - Photography Blog

The new flash gun from Nissin, the Di866 Professional Speedlite, is now available to UK photographers, as first announced by Kenro at Focus on Imaging earlier this year.

The Di866 is available with either a Canon or Nikon fitting. The Canon version is compatible with Canon Digital SLR and Powershot hotshoe cameras using ETTL and ETTL-2 systems, while the Nikon model fits Nikon Digital SLR and Coolpix hotshoe cameras using i-TTL. The unit carries a SRP of £369.95 including VAT.

The Di866 has been specifically designed for use with digital SLR cameras and comes with many ‘world’s first’ features. This new clip-on type flash unit is simple to use and incorporates an easy to read rotating colour display, it can also be fired wirelessly where it can be used as a master or receiver.

With a guide number of 60m (ISO 100 @ 105mm) the Di866 features Nissin’s original ‘My TTL’ user adjustable TTL light output level and is firmware upgradable thanks to an onboard USB port.

The gun also features high speed synchronisation, allowing synchronisation for shutter speeds over 1/250th second and a recycling time of 3.5s which is able to offer up to 150 full-power flashes per set of batteries. Furthermore the Di866 features a fill in sub-flash (12m100 ISO), which is activated while the main flash is bounced and also a built-in wide angle diffuser and catch-light reflector.

“Nissin has been a world-class manufacturer of high quality electronic flash units for over 40 years and this latest addition to their range is a truly impressive piece of kit. A recent reviewer described the Di866 as ‘the most powerful hotshoe flashgun available,’ and I think everyone who uses the flash will agree with that statement.” says Kenro managing director, Paul Kench. “The technological advances contained in the Di866 make it the perfect choice for professional and advanced photographers.”

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