Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photoshop CS5 Shortcut Keys For Windows And Mac | Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial Tips And Tricks Videos

Shortcut keys makes our life easier in terms of productivity on Photoshop CS5. It helps us to work faster and more efficiently. These shortcut keys are similar to the previous versions with added new commands. Here is the List of Adobe Photoshop CS5 shortcut keys.

Shortcuts for selecting Tools:

V Move tool
M Rectangular Marquee tool, EllipticalMarquee tool
L Lasso tool, Polygonal Lasso tool, MagneticLasso tool
W Magic Wand tool,Quick Selection tool
C Crop tool
K Slice tool, Slice Select tool
J Spot Healing Brush tool, Healing Brushtool, Patch tool, Red Eye tool
B Brush tool, Pencil tool, ColorReplacement tool
S Clone Stamp tool, Pattern Stamp tool
Y History Brush tool, Art History Brushtool
E Eraser tool, BackgroundEraser tool, Magic Eraser tool (in Photoshop)
G Gradient tool, Paint Bucket tool
R Blur tool, Sharpen tool, Smudgetool
O Dodge tool, Burn tool, Spongetool
P Pen tool, Freeform Pen tool
T Horizontal Type tool, Vertical Typetool , Horizontal Type mask tool, Vertical Type mask tool
A Path Selection tool,Direct Selectiontool
U Rectangle tool, Rounded Rectangle tool, Ellipsetool, Polygon tool, Line tool , Custom Shape tool
N Notes tool, Audio Annotation tool (in Photoshop)
I Eyedropper tool, ColorSampler tool, Measure tool, Count tool
H Hand tool
Z Zoom tool

Keys for selecting tools in the Extract Toolbox:

B Edge Highlighter tool
G Fill tool
I Eyedropper tool
C Cleanup tool
T Edge Touchup tool

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